Lastrap is a small, family run business that concentrates on its products and its customer care. All our products have been very carefully designed and tested personally by us so we have full confidence in their ability to perform at the highest level. From the moment we receive your order we don’t rest until it’s been picked, packed and posted. We keep a close eye on our messages and emails and make sure we catch them nice and quickly as no one wants to wait an age for an answer.

The Product
Without a good, solid product a company will fail. There is no way around this fact. It may take some time but eventually it will fail. We have worked incredibly hard to design and manufacture what we believe is the best range of joint supports on the market today. We continuously monitor customer feedback and regularly make various changes and enhancements to our products which has resulted in tried and tested products that are second to none.

The Price
There is no point in having the best products if you're not prepared to sell them at realistic prices. We have small profit margins and use our purchasing power to secure low prices with our manufacturers. this enables us to offer our products at prices that are both competitive and fair.

Customer Service
Many companies talk about their customer service, then completely fail to provide any. I've been stuck on hold to BT for ages, I've bought something that doesn't work and been refused a refund (this list could go on for quite some time). I don't want to provide that rubbish customer service so we have a policy here. Our policy is simply to look after our customers. We have been doing this on eBay and Amazon for many years and as such we have gained an excellent reputation and superb feedback scores. So what does this customer service comprise of I hear you say? Being fair, being nice and being honest. That's it really.


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Ankle Support | Elbow Support | Comfort Knee | Lightweight Knee | SuperSoft Elbow
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We're a small, family run business.