Ankle Support

This is the renowned Lastrap Ankle Support with Warm / Ice Pad. These ankle supports offer fast and effective pain relief, excellent support and a reduced recovery time whilst remaining supremely comfortable even when worn for long periods of time.

Flexible Velcro Straps
Our Lastrap Ankle Support was designed from the ground up to be supremely comfortable. Its three flexible Velcro straps mean it is highly adjustable and can fit almost any size and shape of adult foot. The top strap is made of super-strong nylon whilst the two over-foot straps are made from two layers of brushed-cotton with a foam inner to make them as comfortable against your skin as physically possible.

Gentle compression provides fast and effective pain relief throughout the ankle area. The amount of compression can be increased or decreased for comfort by adjusting the Velcro straps.

Warm / Ice Pad
Our special warm / Ice Pad is fixed in place using Velcro so can be positioned anywhere inside the support. This allows it to be positioned right where the pain is worst. If you have a sprained ankle positioning it under the inner or outer ankle is best, if you are experiencing Achilles tendon pain then it should be positioned round the back of the support next to the tendon.

The Warm / Ice Pad can be used in two ways:

An excellent level of support is achieved using the three highly adjustable straps. This helps to stop further injury and helps to prohibit extreme movement.

The combination of the above elements produce an ankle support that has become renowned in its field. It is incredibly effective and yet slim enough to fit into most loose fitting shoes.

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Lastrap Ankle Support with Warm / Ice Pad

ankle support
  • One size fits all
  • Either Foot
  • Unisex
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