The Company

Lastrap is a micro-company that was started by two friends back in 2006. Since then, the world has changed, and so has Lastrap. The company has evolved into a very efficient and ethical venture with just one full time member of staff and three products. Lastrap is proud that it’s still around after having its butt kicked by Brexit, Covid and now a full blown recession.

“Times are tight but we fight on.”

Richard (The Happy Helper!)

Owner, Lastrap

With just one full time employee, Richard (The Happy Helper!) is the designer, the manufacturer and the seller of Lastrap’s products.

As the designer, I listen to my customers and if something needs changing I work out how to go about it. Once the changes have been made the product is tested in house, then sent to a number of customers for further testing. Only when everyone agrees that the change is good does it make it into production.

As the manufacturer, I use two sewing machines; a computerised Singer 9960 for zigzag and detail work and a hand powered, walking foot Sailrite LS-1 for the seams that need tougher stitching. When used together, by a reasonably capable operator, they make for a highly productive workshop.

Not being any good at blowing my own trumpet, I leave the job of sales to Amazon and this website. I package up a few hundred products at a time and send them to Amazon. Amazon take a huge slice of the profit but it’s where the customers are. This website is an attempt to lure (bad choice of words, Richard) customers away from Amazon and towards a more ethical sales avenue.


When we started Lastrap, fifteen years ago, our products used to be packaged in cellophane and plastic boxes. These days it’s more important than ever to try to keep our environmental footprint small.

Here at Lastrap I take my environmental responsibility seriously. Over the years I’ve made various changes in an attempt to reduce Lastrap’s environmental footprint. I’ve switched from plastic to biodegradable bags where possible and where this is not possible I’ve switched to reusable, zip-lock bags. I also recycle heavily and the electricity Lastrap uses comes from our very own solar panels.

The Future

Like many companies, the future of Lastrap is closely linked to the future of the country. However, not trusting British politicians to make even half decent decisions, I will work hard to ensure my company’s survival. I will concentrate my efforts on my customers, my products, ethics and efficiency. Also, over time, I hope to move a significant proportion of sales from Amazon to my website where I can provide my customers with an even better service.

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