Elbow Support

The Lastrap SuperSoft Elbow Support provides fast and effective relief from pain caused by tennis elbow, golfers elbow, sprains, arthritis and general wear and tear. It does this by utilising premium materials, gentle compression and a seamless design achievable only on a circular loom. The premium materials and gentle compression also help to make this one of the most comfortable elbow supports on the market today.

elbow support

These elbow supports provide mild compression, warmth and support to the elbow and forearm area and are used to remedy pain and inflammation, generally associated with old age, arthritis or tennis elbow injury. This elbow support is also commonly used to prevent injury whilst active through keeping the joint at a good temperature.

Knitted on a three dimensional computer controlled circular loom this tennis elbow support conforms to the complex anatomy of the elbow and forearm perfectly. This is the only way to achieve the complex shape required to ensure a comfortable fit. With no high pressure points throughout the support this elbow support provides the most even compression of any support available and, as such, remains comfortable even for extended periods of time.

  • Fast and effective pain relief | Simple pull on application
  • Supremely comfortable | Gentle, uniform compression
  • Retains body heat | Premium ‘SuperSoft’ materials
  • Gentle on your skin | Four-way stretch
  • Machine washable on a cool, gentle wash (allow to dry naturally)

Sizing and measuring

Simply measure the circumference around your elbow with your arm straight.

  • Small: 7 – 9″ / 18 – 23 cms
  • Medium: 9 – 10.5″ / 23 – 27 cms
  • Large: 10.5 – 12.5″ / 27 – 32 cms
  • XL: 12.5 – 16″ / 32 – 41 cms
  • Sprained elbow | Strained elbow
  • Post operative and post cast care
  • Arthritis | Tennis elbow | Golfers elbow
  • Muscle, tendon and ligament injuries
  • Effective as a prophylaxis
  • Tired and worn elbows

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