Knee Support

Our Premium Comfort Knee Support was specifically designed to combat pain fast whilst being supremely comfortable and gentle to your skin. These knee supports are more chunky, provide more warmth and are even more supremely comfortable than before. They are also longer which helps to stop them from bunching up around the back of the knee, the longer length also helps to stop them from rolling or sliding up or down the thigh or calf. When it comes to knee support and comfort there is no real substitute for length. Our Premium Comfort Knee Support is the longest knee support on the market today. Helping to provide warmth and gentle compression to a larger proportion of the leg than ever before.

knee support

Pain relief is quickly provided by gentle but consistent compression. Because of the nature of the materials we chose, our Premium Comfort Knee Supports provide a natural feeling and uniform compression meaning no tight areas and no loose areas. It’s this even compression, combined with our ‘Comfort’ premium materials that help to make this, what we believe to be, the most comfortable knee support on the market today, even when worn for extended periods of time.

The seamless design is achieved by actually knitting each support on state of the art, computer controlled circular looms. Once knitted the top and bottom are finished by skilled and experienced staff at which point they are then handed over to a quality control expert. The knee support is then checked thoroughly for imperfections in both the material and the stitching. Only once it has passed through quality control can the knee support then be packaged and readied for sending to us. All this means that the product you receive will be perfect.

  • Fast pain relief | Longer for supreme comfort | Luxurious feel
  • Gentle on the skin | Supremely comfortable even when worn for extended periods
  • Premium materials and finish | Simple pull on application
  • Four way stretch means no baggy or high pressure spots | Machine Washable

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Sizes and measuring

Our new Premium Comfort Knee Support comes in 5 sizes, S, M, L, XL and XXL. Measuring your knee is very simple. Just measure the circumference around the mid-thigh approximately 6″ above the knee.

  • Small (11.8 – 14.6 inches / 30 – 37 cms)
  • Medium (15 – 16.9 inches / 38 – 43 cms)
  • Large (17.3 – 20.1 inches / 44 – 51 cms)
  • Extra Large (20.5 – 22 inches / 52 – 56 cms)
  • XXL (22.2 – 29 inches / 57 – 73 cms) (Out of Stock)

Please note

L, XL and XXL sizes have an anti-roll band at the top to help with rolling / sliding down.

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